Best Yoga Status & Quotes: Yoga is the simplest way to keep the body healthy and the soul holy. We must do at least 20 minutes of daily use. That’s why we have brought for you Best Collection Of Yoga Status And Yoga Quotes with Images. Which will motivate you to do yoga?

Life Changing Yoga Status and Quotes for Motivation

yoga quotes and status

#1 – The Study Of Asanas Is Not About Mastering Posture. It’s About Using Posture To Understand And Transform Yourself. – B.K.S Iyengar

#2 – Inhale The Future. Exhale The Past

yoga quotes and status

#3 – There Is Always Room For Change But You Have To Be Open To That Change. –  Kathryn Budig

#4 – A Flower Does Not Think Of Competing To The Flower Next To It. It Just Blooms – Zen Shin

yoga quotes and status

#5 – Meditation And Yoga Are The Way For Nourishing And Blossoming The Divinity Within You. – Amit Ray

#6 – That’s Why It’s Called A Practice. We Have To Practice A Practice If It Is To Be Of Value. – Peace Pilgrim

yoga quotes and status

#7 – Yoga Is The Cessation Of The Movements Of The Mind. Then There Is Abiding In The Seer’s Own Form – Patanjali

#8 – Yoga Is A Light, Which Lit, Will Never Dim.

yoga quotes and status

#9 – Yoga Invigoration In Relaxation. Freedom In Routine And Confidence Through Self-control.

#10 – Calming The Mind Is Yoga. Not Just Standing On The Head. – Swami Sachitananda

yoga quotes and status

#11 – Yoga Is The Fountain Of Youth. You’re Only As Young As Your Spine is Flexible. – Bob Harper

#12 – Most People Have No Ideas How Good Their Body Is Designed To Feel. – Kevin Trudeau

yoga quotes and status

#13 – Yoga Is The Only Way To Improve Your Life. – Baba Ramdev

#14 – Yoga Is The Perfect Opportunity To Be Curious About Who You Are.

yoga quotes and status

#15 – For Me, Yoga Is Not Just A Workout – It’s About Working On Yourself

#16 – Everything Is Sorrow For The Wise. – Patanjali

yoga quotes and status

#17 – The Practice Of Yoga Brings Us Face To Face With The Extraordinary Complexity Of Our Being. – Sri Aurobindo

#18 – Do Your Practice And All Is Coming. – Sri Pattabhi Jois

yoga quotes and status

#19 – For Those Wounded By Civilization, Yoga Is The Most Healing Salve. – T Guillemets

#20 – This World Is Your Body. This World Is A Great School, This World Is Your Silent Teacher. – Swami Sivananda

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